About Us

Satake Technologies Sdn Bhd was established in 2016 as a joint venture company with Satake Chemical Japan, which had been in forefront of mixer technology since 1920. Satake Technologies aim to provide effective technical solutions and response to different industries demand with quality products and innovative services. Satake mixers services are widely used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum products, waste-water treatment, and many other industries.

The year 2020 marks another significant milestone whereby Satake Technology undertook a restructuring exercise and emerged as a wholly Malaysian owned company with continuous technologies and business partnership with Satake Chemical Japan. Additionally the establishment of a new division namely Satake Biolife to embark on a healthcare evolution adds up to the milestone of our growth. This new initiative of diversifying into the healthcare industry includes the supply of COVID 19 Vaccines, Pharmaceutical Products, Nutraceuticals, Health supplements, Medical Devices, Laboratory Equipment’s, Diagnostics and Disposable Products.

Most significantly , Satake is committed in improvising the quality of human life in all our undertakings.

Satake R & D And Manufacturing Plants