Development of exclusive mixers and mixing impellers for each purpose of use

We embrace “Open innovation” by which new mixing products required by customers are developed with the use of our unique intellectual property rights and research equipment, and also provide solution hardware and software. Please make full use of the equipment of our laboratory to achieve your purpose. The contracted numerical calculation for performing fluid calculation, structural calculation, thermal analysis, and coupled calculation is developed with systems such as a dedicated personnel system and EWS hardware / spreadsheet software, which comply with all high-level requirements. In our culture research department, instead of the customers who may be troubled by examination of scale-up and devices or examination of conditions, contracted cell culture evaluation is performed by specialized researchers. You can use this for the initial-stage examination and examination of devices for industrial production. In regenerative medicine and the use of iPS cells in drug development, a scheme in which the development and examination of dedicated devices for 3D floating mixed cell cultures is performed right from the beginning is constructed, and devices having the actions requested by customers are developed and provided. Of course, SATAKE also performs GMP validation at the time of installation of single-use equipment and production machines.

* In some cases, GMP validation may be performed jointly with EPC.

Development of exclusive mixers and mixing impellers for each purpose of use

At SATAKE, where we embrace “Open Innovation” at customer’s laboratory, we not only aim at optimization and efficiency improvement of mixers and mixing equipment in accordance with the requirement specifications of the customer, but also explore the efficacy of our rich Super-mix Series impellers and mixing equipment, and at times, develop dedicated equipment through customization. Through the cooperation of our customers, we are in the process of developing new technologies and increasing the outcome of joint researches and developments. Please feel free to contact us if you need any help or are aiming at an improvement in efficiency or reduction cost. We offer the best proposals in accordance with the specifications of the customer. Development of exclusive mixers and mixing impellers for each purpose of use High-performance impellers super mixing series

Contracted numerical calculation

At the mixing laboratory, we have built a “Numerical calculation team” dedicated to CFD, FEM, and coupled calculation. We have a lot of EWS with the highest specification in the world, and also personnel, hardware, and software that enable all types of calculations including fluid calculation, thermal calculation, structural calculation, culture calculation, and their coupled calculation, non-steady calculation, heterophasic systems and multi-phase calculation, and can thus achieve high-accuracy calculation results. The existence of abundant experiment verification equipment and fields used in the validation of calculations supports high calculation ability unmatched by any other company and an improvement in the degree of certainty. We also perform contracted calculations linked with PIV/PTV flow analysis experiment. Before spending too much money as calculation cost, do entrust our laboratory dedicated to mixing with your numerical calculations. Contracted numerical calculation

Evaluation of contracted cell culture

We are fully equipped with a clean room (cell culture room) dedicated to contracted cell culture in our mixing technology laboratory in order to comply with the various demands of the customers including the “Inability to reproduce the results obtained in the laboratory when scale-up is performed”, “Failure to understand what to do even though optimization in production has been examined earlier”, and “Desire to confirm if buying a new BioReactor would really be effective”, etc. Also, through cooperation with external subcontractors, we are now in possession of equipment with which we can examine scale-up up to the max. 200-l class, equipment and fields with which we can evaluate iPS cell differentiation induction, and at the same time, we can perform operation with the combined use of CFD simulation and contracted numerical fluid calculation, and provide optimum services in line with customers’ needs through our knowledge of the mixing technology cultivated for many years.

Evaluation of contracted cell culture

Development of Regenerative Medicine / iPS Cell Differentiation Induction BioReactor

We perform research and development of 3D floating cell cultures for regenerative medicine and in the use of iPS cells in drug development. At the same time, we perform association between iPS cell differentiation induction and device operation conditions, as well as related research in collaboration with the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research, and apply it to the development of devices. Particularly, through the validation of numerical calculations and experiment results, we grasp the different characteristics of individual cells, and perform optimum device customization and development. As a result, there are almost no standard machines. We promote research, development, and promotion of products through joint research and development in close contact with our customers under the notion that “We are always the top runner” in 3D floating mixed cell cultures. While we cannot publish several of our developments that are bound by an NDA, we are promoting many application developments for industrialization. We request those customers who are migrating to a higher stage from the laboratory stage to get in touch with us once.

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